We are developing the First Non-Invasive Diabetes Monitoring Technology to Use Breath-Based Biomarkers to Predict Glucose Levels

  Accurate predictive measurement of blood glucose via breath

  Frictionless user experience for improved user engagement

  Patent-pending lifestyle-friendly design

  Intuitive smartphone/wearable application

  Public API for EMR, application and portal access

Major study demonstrates equivalency between breath-based analysis and blood glucose fingerstick reference

Clinical Study

A United Kingdom clinical study of 112 healthy and diabetic patients in a regulated controlled environment at a leading hospital demonstrated BOYDSense's ability to identify molecules associated with glucose trends and diabetes disease state.

Clinical Study Results

Results showed breath-based sensing obtained equivalent blood glucose levels to fingerstick measurements taken as reference. Measured blood glucose level for a subgroup consistently fell within the risk levels of "None" or "Slight," according to Surveillance Error Grid (SEG).


MOS Array Predictive Blood Glucose vs.
Plasma Blood Glucose Reference Measurements

Breath-Based Detection and Analysis

Unlocking powerful health insights in breath

The Evolution of Gas Sensors

BOYDSense Strictly Confidential & Proprietary

Harnessing the data in VOCs

BOYDSense is developing small, portable devices to non-invasively measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are a large group of carbon-based molecules that are in a gas phase at room temperature. These molecules are everywhere: in the food and beverages we consume, in the air we breathe, and in the breath we exhale. Molecules in our breath carry a wealth of information about our bodies and our biology.

Analyzing and Informing

We are developing advanced technologies that capture, identify and analyze molecule prints, then use predictive algorithms and sensors tuned to extract biosignatures from breath. By delivering near-real time information to consumers, they are empowered to take their health and well being into their own hands.