BOYDSense selected in the Top 3 Diabetes Devices of the DCB Innovation Challenge 2022

BOYDSense SAS, subsidiary of Alpha MOS (Euronext Paris, ISIN : FR0013421286 ALNEO) , announces that they have been selected for the final phase of the DCB Innovation Challenge 2022, in the category “diabetes devices”.

In the last few years, diabetes technology has made enormous progress in improving the lives of people with diabetes. However, there is still a huge unmet need for innovative technology solutions that help ease the burden of diabetes and improve the lives of people who have it. The goal of the DCB Open Innovation Challenge is to foster new initiatives and projects in the domain of diabetes management to make life better for people living with diabetes.

Within the 2022 edition, more than 20 projects have been submitted. The jury selected 3 candidates to participate to the final and BOYDSense is honored to be part of the 3 finalists.

Ben Delhey, CEO of BOYDSense, comments: “We feel honored that the DCB has selected Lassie, our non-invasive breath analyzing platform to monitor blood glucose levels under the top 3 diabetes management ideas. The entire BOYDSense Team is proud of this achievement and feels even more empowered to bring Lassie to market.”

The next step will take place end of November 2022, with the Grand Final and award ceremony.

About BOYDSense

BOYDSense, Inc. is a medical technology company developing affordable, non-invasive tools for measuring critical biomarkers via exhaled breath. Its mission is to build the platform for anywhere, anytime biosignature capture and display to help consumers better manage their conditions. Breath-based metabolomics focuses on the capture, identification, and quantification of volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarker patterns in human breath and using them to diagnose and monitor chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The BOYDSense platform will also allow consumers and healthcare providers to use breath as a non-invasive medium to detect and monitor diseases like cancer, obesity, asthma, and others. BOYDSense’s first product under development, the g-Sense Breath Meter, is an affordable handheld device that allows people with diabetes to accurately measure blood glucose values through breath-based VOCs without the cost, pain, and social stigma associated with conventional fingerstick glucose testing. BOYDSense is an Alpha MOS company, the leader in volatile organic compound analysis.

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